Digital Love

Nothing to say, except you should have HD (1920×1080) on your desktop.

Love it. What now?

The Obligatory Odd Couple

Because reading this kind of news sure beats going there.


In NYT today, the first nonchalant references I’ve seen to CIA on the ground in Pakistan. It’s what every interested person imagines, CIA working with ISI, however tenuous that working relationship would be.

The piece is an excellent round up of recent history, maneuvers and motivation. There is mention of UAV action in Pakistan, reference to its covert application, and some notes on the otherwise unacknowledged tactical cooperation on the ground. But the “well, obviously” treatment of actual tactical cooperation, on the ground, is intriguing.

This might be a precursor to further import information about what is actually happening in this important war inside the war.

C.I.A. and Pakistan Work Together, but Do So Warily

Doubles Luge Comes Out


At some point the technology caught up to the dream, those sleek suites looking so good. A second luger hopped on. And Love Luge was born.

Doubles luge makes mens figure skating look like the UFC.


Malaysia’s Islamic morality police find that New Years is a great time to bust unwed couples in hotel rooms. 52 couples were apprehended on this productive occasion, charged with Khalwat — “the offence of close proximity”. Sharia law at its most stone-aged. Sharia is imposed, by constitution, on the majority (supposed) Malay Muslims.


According to Wikipedia, these shots are of Selangorl. It’s a place apparently undiscouraged by modernity, breaking with so many Islamic friends in this way. I suppose Malaysia’s future modernity conquests could stand to be of the human variety.

Iraq Fun in the Sun


Papercuts Like a Knife

We rarely assemble personal mail, and affix a stamp, anymore. I do this so infrequently that I’m still impressed to peel of the “already licked” variety and stick it so easily. Most mail I receive is mass with printed postage ID on the envelope or the literature. So I could have been forgiven for missing the news story this summer that Canada Post has a set of Canadian musician  novelty stamps. (collect all four)

bryan-adams-stampI don’t wish to brainstorm who else might have been selected. The lucky candidates: two folks I’ve never heard of but should have, Stomping Tom, and Bryan Adams, who is still waking up the neighbours so I hear.

Bryan appears saintly in his gaze and glorious amazing halo of light about his fluffy head. I suspect the digital artist included lens flares – a spotlight? very clever – to integrate the halo with his background. It really makes Bryan pop doesn’t it? And don’t miss that cheap chrome texture on the lettering.

How Much for All of Michigan?

silverdomeMichigan’s hard times continue. Real estate is especially telling with nearly free properties, mansions included, to historic once affluent neighbourhoods left to ruin, once the homes of American industry titans.

I remember being shocked in 2005 to hear Skydome was sold for $25 million, to Rogers Communications. It cost $570 million and was completed in 1989. In 2005 dollars, that’s approximately $900 million, an $875 million discount.

Last week the Pontiac Silverdome sold to a Canadian real estate group for $583,000. The 80,000 seat Silverdome cost $55 million to build, completed in 1975; in 2009 dollars, $220,000,000 million.

Skydome sold for 2.7% of it’s 2005 cost of construction. Silverdome sold for 0.27% of it’s construction, in 2009 dollars.

I do not have data on the profitability of these stadiums before the sales, and I do not know a measure of how “worth it” such investments are. From a realestate perspective they seem to be colossal bargains now, wastes of vast fortune to which better uses we could imagine.

silverdome-2andahalfd1 (Aside: The Silverdome also features certainly the most shitty 3D building on Google Earth. I’ll coin the term, and generously dub this 2½D. And so the recent sale price of this property might have suffered further, the purchaser affected by this eyesore.)

Firefox Error Fail

Well, this error message is embarrassing, at least. Is there a pattern of these cute messages in Firefox? or is this the case of engineers writing interfaces?