Stay Jazzy Canada

jazz-handsIf you enjoy sabotaged, incorrect, or otherwise ignorant Wikipedia content, you might be smug.

“Jazz Hands” we’re told originates from dance, choreography, is popularized and lampooned in film and TV, refers to the shaky hands of a British alcoholic, and is commonly used in tense, Canadian business meetings. Wait…

“In Canada, jazz hands are often used to relieve the tension of uncomfortable business meetings. It is not uncommon to use jazz hands in combination with blurting out an expression such as “let it shine” in order to keep a meeting civil.[citation needed]”

A citation is understandably hard to find here, but commentary abound. You might have actually been involved at some point in a Canadian business meeting. Many folks have had this very experience. But the “let it shine” jazz hands tension-breaker outburst may not actually be as popular as one Wiki writer insists. We love the matter-of-fact “often used” and “not uncommon to…”

In the essence of truth, Smug News was obliged to edit this Wikipedia page, adding “The Canadian businessperson is a diverse cohort; recent sociological inquiry indicates the jazz hands meeting outburst is less common than once thought, perhaps a regional or even defunct phenomenon. ‘Let it shine’ however remains in common use.”

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