Read Ignatieff

ignatieff“If we were dogs, we would all be the same breed … As if to spite this huge natural gift, and to disfigure what could be our overwhelming solidarity, we manage to find excuses for chauvinism and racism on the most minor of occasions and then to make the most of them.” — Christopher Hitchens on the “narcissism o f the small difference.”

Hitchens mentions Ignatieff’s book The Warrior’s Honor to make the case for this phenomenon in the context of the Balkan Wars.

I don’t believe I’ve read Ignatieff outside Canadian politics. And apparently that’s my fault. Wikipedia gives me new appreciation for his intellect, his work, and life, if not of his PM suitability. Wikipedia also tells me Ignatieff wrote a well-appreciated biography of the philosopher Isaiah Berlin, whom I’ve also only recently learned I should have been aware of.

It’s a shame to witness once impressive figures stoop to the (obligatory?) behaviour of the politician. And is not the opposition always the most pathetic?

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