Papercuts Like a Knife

We rarely assemble personal mail, and affix a stamp, anymore. I do this so infrequently that I’m still impressed to peel of the “already licked” variety and stick it so easily. Most mail I receive is mass with printed postage ID on the envelope or the literature. So I could have been forgiven for missing the news story this summer that Canada Post has a set of Canadian musician  novelty stamps. (collect all four)

bryan-adams-stampI don’t wish to brainstorm who else might have been selected. The lucky candidates: two folks I’ve never heard of but should have, Stomping Tom, and Bryan Adams, who is still waking up the neighbours so I hear.

Bryan appears saintly in his gaze and glorious amazing halo of light about his fluffy head. I suspect the digital artist included lens flares – a spotlight? very clever – to integrate the halo with his background. It really makes Bryan pop doesn’t it? And don’t miss that cheap chrome texture on the lettering.

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