Cancel Your Burqa Fitting, Canadians

fyou-burqaA Muslim advocacy group called the Muslim Canadian Congress has appealed to the Canadian government to ban the Burqa. How French. Their argument is a shotgun approach:

  1. security: covered faces and bodies have security implications. Given, liquor stores in my neirhborhood may advertise “no hoods”; the disclaimer there is not a fashion consideration.
  2. Islamic myth: this apparently matters to the political and/or religious tolerance crowd. Consider other oppressive and abusive measures socially evolved peoples have done away with that are mandated. Apostate? Homosexual? good luck.
  3. religious oppression: Bingo. The idea that a Muslim group will fight this fight is important. But who’s it hurting you ask? And don’t we have to be religiously tolerant? Ask the female genital mutilation (FGM) faction — I implore you to look up infibulation. Consider how using the ever-popular standard of religious tolerance for less violent totalitarian mechanisms give cover to the grotesque.

Colby Cosh opines, editorializing at the National Post,  “that letting people wear what they like is liberalism.” This one’s tough, as if free will is the issue. As corollary, I imagine a large majority of North Koreans actually think they love their Dear Leader. And of course we should applaud them for their choice.

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