What are you doing?

huge-on-twitterBBC reports that most tweets are “babble”. Really? According to a study by a US research firm only 8.7% of all tweets have “value”. Consider that Twitter prompts the user with “What are you doing?”. As if “eating a sandwich” is not an answer with high “value”.

Twitter was once a toy. For the most part I suppose it still is. Its usefulness came as coincidence from (novelty to) mass popularity; that is, with such a reach, and the ability to search and thus widen any conversation to those interested, it became an important information vehicle. But 8.7% of course does not constitute the News contingent of the sort that rockets Twitter to indispensability, during, say, unrest in Iran.

I am no statistician. But:

In total it grabbed 2,000 messages and then put each message it grabbed into one of six categories; news, spam, self-promotion, pointless babble, conversational and those with pass-along value.

Is 2000 a reasonable sample size for anything?

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