Perspectives on Clinton in DPRK

bill-frownBill Clinton’s extraction operation from DPRK seemed pretty impressive. There are however different perspectives on what happened. They break down as follows:

The Obama: talking to enemies can yield great results. It’s doubtful Ling and Lee would have escaped their sentences — see below — if sticks were the tool.

The GOP: this is the “anything Obama does is bad” perspective. Not much more to say about that other than we might imagine Bush 43 dispatching James Baker, or John McCain, and how the sentiment would have been different.

The Appeaser: here is a legit argument that bleeds into our 4th perspective. This is the negotiating with terrorists argument and in this case it’s spot on, albeit unwise categorically as policy.

The Stagecraft: here’s a cynical 4th perspective, what I get from a Hitchens Slate article from August 10th. Hitchens has such a history of Clinton-bashing that I worried he chose to miss the humanitarian impact of the operation. But his point is that the condition of the girls after nearly 6 months in DPRK prison system tells a story of stagecraft, and the Clinton/Obama ilk played along knowingly. In this perspective there never was any plan for hard labour, the girls were always a tool and were treated as guests —  save certain torment for they perhaps actually believed they were headed to a gulag, a notion Hitchens doesn’t mention. Hitchens is forever against tyranny; he sees this move as worsening the state of things for the people in the real prison state of the “slave mater”.

The Playboy: Bill went to DPRK for the promise of several private hours on board his jet with two VERY grateful Asian ladies.

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