Surfin’ PRC

internet-addiction-11China takes Internet addiction seriously. Boot camps, clinics, aggressive treatments, official statements chiding “a grave social problem that threatens the nation”, the instruments China has had real success with in controlling addiction and other delinquency (at least in public) by way of tough love, China-style. China has taken the unusual step of banning shock therapy for Internet addicts, even though everyone knows shock therapy is great addiction therapy. Learn to associate certain thoughts with pain, like a wayward puppy, to be clean and sturdy.

A hospital in Shandong province was exposed by bloggers, presumably “recovered” bloggers,  who say they were tied down and shocked for considerable periods as treatment for their addictions. (were these geeks self-committed? and what is the diagnosis criteria and who has the authority?) These accounts created a controversy that apparently had to be dealt with in an official way. But a quick web search finds many other reports, going back years, reporting shock therapy for Chinese Internet addicts.

China bans shock treatment for Internet addiction

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