dead-monkeyAs I watched Obama’s health care press conference live last week, I figured he performed well in his lofty way of giving next to no detail, and sounding great. Then Lynn Sweet asked her sour question about the Skip Gates incident. He walked the race tightrope, making a joke, waxing eloquent as usual, avoiding simplification. I noticed the “stupidly” adverb of course and worried it might Black him up a bit too much; that’s officially now an understatement, with the clarity of hindsight.

Obama made an uncharacteristic political mistake. Too often what is good and thoughtful and moral to say, is radioactive, politically. Had he not used that word — “stupidly” — maybe he’d have seen even the slightest MSM traction in the following days, for the purpose of the press affair. MSM knows that a black president commenting on the actions of a white cop is more engaging to the E! contingent, than an issue like 40+ million Americans finding it impossible to visit a doctor.

I was not going to write about this. Frankly, the Obama angle, how MSM latched onto it for its scandal legs, irked me. Notice how the “Liberal” MSM can’t resist inventing scandal, even if to hurt the Messiah in Chief. Related but in no way to my concern for MSM, how I could opine on this:  A Man’s Home Is His Constitutional Castle. Read it if for no other reason than 3 excellent, short anecdotes of Hitchens and cops, written with a smugness more than fit for this post.

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