Saddam the Realist

saddam-ponyCNN prints a story today on Saddam Hussein talking to FBI while in custody — front page of the Mobile this morning but interestingly not one of the 21 headlines on front page Latest News which is located under, and beside their continuing MJ memorial. Saddam spoke to FBI agents while held at Baghdad Airport before his trial, before hanged at his amazing sectarian execution. If you missed it, Saddam’s masked executioners are shouting “Muqtada Muqtada” as they drop him. al-Sadr had become Cleric-in-Chief. Saddam was hung by Shiite militia, and deservingly so. Of course the real problem with this is the silence of MSM and the neglect of the Bush White House to call it what it was.

But I digress. The story today is Saddam’s comments regarding Iran as his real concern, WMD and how he didn’t have them and would have certainly used them if he did. In 2004, Iraq’s captured president spoke more realistically, and one would assume more articulately, than his American counterpart. We learn Saddam’s disinformation and saber rattling leading up to March 2003 was more calibrated for Iran than America.

He wasn’t much for chat. “Hussein also revealed details about his security measures and movements before and after the second U.S. invasion of Iraq in March of 2003. He says he had only used a telephone on two occasions since March of 1990.”

He also blames Israel for all of his problems; this is not news to America, and was not then. And one probably shouldn’t imagine that it was not considered important among myriad reasons to invade Iraq.

FBI interviews detail Saddam Hussein’s fear of Iran, WMD bluff

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