«Ce croissant est merdique!»

hot-pantsAccording to an annual Expedia poll, France has the worst tourists, three years running. The French finished last (or is it first?) in three categories.  But it’s arguable their losses (or wins?) were in categories of less import than the ones America won (or lost). Americans are the worst behaved and least  polite. I know, it’s baffling.

The poll surveyed the sentiments of 4500 hoteliers worldwide. Respondents were asked to rate the tourists of countries for a range of characteristics including: most likely to embrace local language, politeness, cheapness, behaviour, etc. Some noteworthy observations:

  • Japanese are world’s best tourists
  • Britons are 2nd best, but least liked in Europe
  • Canada takes the bronze
  • Canadians voted least likely to complain — a nation of “good enough” eh?
  • Italians are best-dressed
  • Americans are worst behaved
  • French are all around worst

The info here was gathered from various news stories, breaking July 9, 2009. I could not find a link to the actual report, ore even a press release from Expedia, which makes me wonder: does Expedia sell this information? perhaps as a component of a more worthy information piece?

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  1. Lyndsay says:

    Interesting. My time working and living in Niagara Falls says different… but who can argue with a photo of such a cheeky guy. Must be French.

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