Ayatoldya You’re Fired

supreme-reliefIran has 12 vice presidents concurrently. Why not?

The president hires them, the Supreme Leader fires them. The top vice president is known as the First Vice President. Ahmadinejad recently appointed his son’s father in law to this post. CNN reports via two semi-official outlets, Iranian Students News Agency and Mehr News Agency, that Khamenei wrote a letter demanding Esfandyar Rahim Mashaie be dismissed. One might assume “dismiss” refers to “fire”, but who knows.

What indiscretion did this man exercise to lose the favour of the Supreme Leader? He has indicated that Iranians are friends with all people, including Israelis. And if that’s not enough to inflame YOUR sensibilities, he is also critisised for “not leaving an area in Turkey where female dancers were performing.” I suppose the latter makes sense in a backwards Islamic republic — there can by definition be no other kind — and he should have known better.

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