Advice for Chinese: Do Your Taxes

fun stats on China, execution, incarceration worldwide

  • china executes more than any other nation; 70+ % of world total
  • death penalty crimes list tops 60, including tax offenses, embezzlement, drug offenses, voluntary transmission of contagious diseases, and pick pocketing; one has to assume death for pick pocketing is not strictly adhered to
  • official tally is state secret; yearly estimates range greatly from ~1700 (Amnesty International via BBC) to 5000 (HRWF) executions carried out yearly
  • HRWF reports since 1999 3,000 confirmed torture deaths of Falun Gong practitioners, 10,000 more sent to labour camps
  • ex-Canadian diplomat David Kilgour reports state-run organ harvesting racket for “transplant tourists”; apparently 10s of thousands Falun Gong practitioners killed between 2001 and 2006 for this purpose; if true, likely none of the FG numbers are included in official tally

paris-in-jailWhen it comes to incarceration, nobody does it like America. Wikipedia lists incarceration rates per 100,000 inhabitants: America 756, Russia 611, New Zealand 186, UK 148, and Canada in 7th place at 107. Using America approx. population of 300 million, that’s 2.27 million incarcerated. In contrast, China has over 4 times the USA population, but only 1.5 million behind bars. Imagine the incentive to invent ways to incarcerate, legislated or otherwise, when your prisons are private business instruments, owned by companies bought and sold on the market; now the stats make a bit more sense.

Proud of Canada vis-a-vis incarceration rate, capital punishment? Not so fast. Aboriginals in Canadian jails represent 18% total inmates. Aboriginals are but 3.8% of Canada’s population.

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