Obama the Antisemite?

barak-failThere were (small) protests in Israel and elsewhere this week in response to Mr. Obama’s speech at Cairo University — incidently the Alma mater to the likes of Yasser Arafat and a curious character named Sadam Hussein. Protesters indicated they had similar engagements planned for America and other US consulates. Their issue is Settlements and an American administration finally echoing how the rest of the world feels.

“What right does anybody have to tell us to stop building in the land that was given to us by God?” I’m sorry; is that an argument?

The image in my post here did not accompany any story I read, just a fantastic FAIL I came accross. ‘Barak’ as in, Ehud, I guess.

Greenwald at Salon writes about Obama and justified ‘interference’. Greenwald as usual gets it right, and it’s plain and simple. His story is lengthy, in typical fashion, but worth the time. Obama’s “interference” in Israeli politics

“Crossed the Line”? I could know more about the Jerulalem Post. But I think I have a pretty good handle on its sensibilities. Likud: Obama has crossed the line

(Notice Frank Gaffney inset on this story. ‘Expert’? perhaps; but is not Bill Kristol?)

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