Mullahs Don’t Tweet

kissing-mullahToday some smug commentary/history on the current situation in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Here is a ten point primer:

(the image is no way connected to the story, just a hilarious WTF)

(note MSM is acronym for mainstream media)

  • When something is handed to you, you did not steal it. Why does MSM insist the “election” was stolen?
  • Fascism is Fascism, even when, or especially if, it is (literally) cloaked in religious garb. The name Guardian Council infantilizes and implies ownership of the citizenry; the Council wears it well. MSM again gives total cover to extremists, in the essence of tolerance.
  • Obama is largely silent at the moment for he thinks it geopolitically unwise to interfere publicly. Remember his new (phoney) public affection for Islam. The American Right is wrong about what he ought to be doing.
  • But Obama has indicated that Mousavi’s policies are not likely different than Ahmadinejad’s. He does not elaborate; again, remember his new (phoney) public affection for Islam.
  • Communication methods are stifled. This is not something a confident regime does following a landslide “election” win.
  • Communication methods harder to shut are threatened with language straight from the DPRK field manual.
  • June 16th Sullivan blogs actual Tweets to sum up the climate. Many Tweets refer to dorms being stormed by the Guard. June 17th we have MSM reports of exactly this, widespread. Universities and dorms give the best bang for your buck if you wish to terrorize Tweeters, a.k.a., in this case, citizen journalists. UPDATE: New compilation of Tweets by Sullivan.
  • Professional journalists are quarantined in their hotels. This is so extreme it’s hard to believe it not rumor. It is however very shrewd if you are killing protesters, and may need to go tiananmen in the coming days.
  • Khamenei indicates there may be recounts in certain areas. As if there may have been some tallying errors to blame. Pundits hope Friday he announces a re-election; unlikely since he’s already said God guided Ahmadinejad to victory.
  • In a curious move, Tuesday Mousavi called off his own rallies. We are to imagine he is acquiescing – to whom?! – for concession of some sort. Protesters did not listen; hundreds of thousands protested for a third day. UPDATE: it’s now day six and the protests are larger by the day. This may not be about the candidates…

UPDATE: a very interesting roundup of sentiment from regional outlets.

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