MJ, Americana, and the Super Bowl

michael-jacksonMichael Jackson died today. Yesterday, he was most often referred to as a freak. Heavily medicated, anorexic, battered by paedophilic scandal, today he is a hero.  Let the jockeying to exploit Michael begin anew.

Professor Michael Eric Dyson compares MJ to Mozart today. Composing music at such a young age, maintaining his fame through adulthood, reaching super star status… Michael Jackson was not only like Motzart, he was better than Motzart. Any classical musician or scholar will tell you the same: better than Mozart he was, unequivocally.

Carlos Dias of ET reports to Keith Olbermann, 8:25pm EST — Keith is anchoring the impromptu coverage of the day — that fans are laying flowers at the Hollywood Walk of Fame star of Michael Jackson. Problem is, it’s the wrong Michael Jackson. The correct star is currently covered by a red carpet rolled out for the premier of Bruno. There is a certain irony here; please, someone help me find it as I’m sure it’s wonderful.

Michael really lived the American Dream. Money, fame, drugs, plastic surgery. Only in America can a poor black boy turn into a rich white woman.

In the end, I’ll always remember Michael for the Super Bowl and that unforgettable night when Justin Timberlake helped Michael expose his nipple to the world. RIP MJ.

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