Canada has 28th Best Internet!

slow-internetThe Senate Committee on Transport and Communications studied emerging issues related to its communications mandate including issues like access to high-speed Internet, the supply of bandwidth, adoption of innovation, financial aspects of the sector, and Canada’s performance vis-à-vis other countries.

Michael Geist, Law Professor at the University of Ottawa addresses the committee:

First, Canada is relatively expensive, ranking fourteenth for monthly subscription costs at $45.65. By comparison, Japan costs $30.46 cents and the U.K. is $30.63. Second, the Canadian Internet is slow, ranking twenty-fourth out of the 30 OECD countries. It is truly a different Internet experience for people in Japan, Korea and France, where the speed allows for applications and opportunities that we do not have. Moreover, Canada lags behind in fibre connections direct to home fibre with 0 per cent penetration, according to the OECD. By comparison, Japan sits at 48 per cent, Korea at 43 per cent, Sweden at 20 per cent and the United States, which has been slow in this area, is at 4 per cent. Third, when you combine speed and pricing, Canada drops to twenty-eighth out of the 30 OECD countries for price per megabyte. In other words, as consumers, we pay more for less — higher prices, slower speeds…”

Just to cite, there’s no way you’ll read it: The Standing Senate Committee on Transport and Communications

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