Anyone can be Finance Minister in Alberta

stay-home-momOpinions are great things, and Ms. Iris Evans — admittedly I’m not familiar with her “work” —  apparently is a very, very poor politician. Maybe she needs an adviser to help her not alienate most of the electorate.

They’ve understood perfectly well that when you’re raising children, you don’t both go off to work and leave them for somebody else to raise,” Evans said. “This is not a statement against daycare. It’s a statement about their belief in the importance of raising children properly.

…that is the content quote. The next one is just for fun.

The huge failure of Canadians is not to educate the children properly, and then why should we be surprised when they have mental illnesses or commit dreadful crimes?” she said. “We’ve really got to focus on that properly, and it should be financial literacy as well as anything else.

(Mechanically incoherence, this statement is Palin’esque; isn’t it? Not so much in content, more in its savvy bankruptcy, and the laughable shambling from one incomplete “thought” to the next.)

I of course don’t agree that she “must be fired” for these comments. Iris’s smug begets our smug!

From the CBC… ‘Raising children properly’ requires stay-at-home parent: Alberta minister

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